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Chengdu Nongyuan International Art Village is one of the largest art communities loacated in Chengdu, China.
The Art Village supports a large diversity of talent and art collections, including traditional Chinese paintings, calligraphy, ceramic, potteries, oil paintings, sculptures and culinary art.


Art and Calligraphy

The overall composition with harmony is the most essential element of a Chinese painting. If you draw a boulder on the left, draw a bird on the right and add some grass. . .
The personal style, ethnic characteristics, interest points and the original impression of the painting are key elements to connect with the viewers. 
Oil paintings originated in the West. Most oil paintings consist of visual images to reflect certain ideological content. This ideological content and the artistic skills are two aspects to appreciate oil paintings. The viewer then enriches the connotation of the painting with his or her life experience.
Characteristics of the oil paint is a major feature of the painting. The imagery reflects the harmonious relationship between the whole and the parts, the rich and unified opposition.
Chinese calligraphy finds fewer western admirers than it deserves. Art theories from the 19th and 20th century define art as a system of symbols conveying a meaning. It is assumed that the object of calligraphy is text, understanding the text and being able to read it is essential to appreciate it.
Chinese calligraphy can be, and is appreciated without any reference to what the words themselves mean. Which is why neither being Chinese, nor speaking Chinese, nor yet being familiar with the Chinese culture are really required to enjoy the art.
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